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Super Bowl Predictions: The Internet Tries To Pick The Big Game

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Opinions about the Super Bowl are like elbows (censored for family purposes) everybody has them. We'll be scouring the Internet for everyone who has the time and the bandwidth to publish what they have to say. Well, maybe we'll narrow it down a little bit to try to weed out some of the crazies.

Let's start with the gentlemen over at Pro Football Talk, who I think falls under the category of professional crazies. Mike Florio, you have the floor.

The Packers have the better team. The Steelers have the better organization. Sometimes, it’s that simple.

Succinct, if not overwhelmingly basic. He went on to pick the Steelers over the Packers 27-24. Since he came out with the correct outcome (knock on wood), I think we're willing to overlook the simple means by which he arrived at that conclusion. Mr. Rosenthal, you're up.

This matchup is as even as possible, but I’m rolling with the Packers because they have the right attack to beat Pittsburgh.

He provides a little bit more depth and a 35-27 final score, but this is basically the gist of his take. That seems to be a popular opinion around the Internet, but we won't really know if that's the case until kick-off, or more accurately shortly thereafter.

We'll be back with more predictions and speculation later.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.