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Ohio State Vs. Penn State: Blowout City

Penn State opens the second half with a miss and a foul by Jeff Brooks on the rebound. 

David Lighty gets the Buckeyes on the board and Andrew Jones fouls on the rebound, giving the Bucks a second straight possession. William Buford hits a triple Worst start possible for Penn State.

Tim Frazier with possibly the best defensive sequence of the season, poking the ball free on a 4-on-1 then drawing a charge as the Buckeyes continue down the floor. Sensational.

Aaron Craft takes the air right out of the building with a three, though. Ohio State is just killing Penn State from the perimeter.

Jon Dielber hits a three...

Penn State is playing better offensively this half, they just can't stop the Buckeyes to save their lives. Diebler is up to seven 3-pointers and the Buckeyes are up huge, 51-27 as Ed DeChellis calls timeout.

The lead is 22 for the Buckeyes at the 12:29 mark. Assuming things stay like this, this will be out last recap until after the game.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.