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NCAA Basketball Rankings: Pitt Tied For Fourth In AP Poll

The Pitt Panthers are tied with Duke for fourth in the latest AP basketball rankings, behind Ohio State, Kansas and BYU. Purdue, Texas, Notre Dame, San Diego State and Wisconsin round out the top 10. West Virginia is in the "others receiving votes" category.

1. Ohio State

2. Kansas

3. BYU

4. Duke

4. Pitt

6. Purdue

7. Texas

8. Notre Dame

9. San Diego State

10. Wisconsin

11. Louisville

12. Syracuse

13. North Carolina

14. Florida

15. St. John's

16. Connecticut

17. Georgetown

18. Arizona

19. Villanova

20. Kentucky

21. Vanderbilt

22. Missouri

23. Xavier

24. Texas A&M

25. Utah State

The last 10 days or so have been loaded with upsets of top teams. Ohio State lost to Purdue on Feb. 21. Duke lost to Virginia Tech on Saturday. Pitt lost to Louisville on Sunday. Texas now has consecutive losses to Colorado and Kansas State. All things considered, then, Pitt's loss this weekend probably doesn't hurt the Panthers all that much.

Obviously, both the Panthers and the Mountaineers will be more concerned with the NCAA tournament than with rankings going forward. Pitt looks like it could be a No. 1 seed, and the Mountaineers are in great shape to make the tournament as well, with an 18-10 record and big wins over Georgetown, Purdue and Notre Dame. The Mountaineers will play their final two games against ranked teams in UConn and Louisville, while Pitt will play South Florida and Villanova.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.