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MLB Opening Day: Pittsburgh Pirates Schedule

The Pirates' first regular-season game of the 2011 season will take place on Friday, April 1. Here's a look at the Bucs' first week or so of games.

The Bucs' first series will be against the Cubs at Wrigley Field:

Friday, April 1, 2:20 PM. Kevin Correia vs. Ryan Dempster

Saturday, April 2, 1;05 PM. Paul Maholm vs. Carlos Zambrano

Sunday, April 3, 2:20 PM. Ross Ohlendorf vs. Matt Garza

The Pirates' starting pitching will obviously be outmatched in this first series, and there aren't many constructive things I can say about the decision to use Correia on Opening Day, except that James McDonald is hurt, Charlie Morton is an enigma, and you can't start the guy who went 1-11 last year (Ross Ohlendorf) unless you want a P.R. nightmare.

The Pirates will then travel to St. Louis.

Monday, April 4, 8:15 PM. Pirates pitcher: Charlie Morton

Tuesday, April 5, 8:15 PM. Pirates pitcher: James McDonald (assuming he's healthy by then - he's dealing with a side injury now)

Wednesday, April 6, 1:45 PM. Pirates pitcher: Kevin Correia

That brings us to the home opener, which will be April 7 at 1:35 PM against the Colorado Rockies. Paul Maholm will start.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.