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Pittsburgh Steelers 2011 Schedule: NFL Will Announce Schedule Tuesday

Even though the NFL has locked out it's players and an agreement on an new CBA is not directly on the horizon, the NFL will announce it's 2011 Schedule on Tuesday night. It will be released at 7 p.m., and you can watch release specials that break it down on both NFL Network and ESPN. The NFL has already released the preseason schedule, and you can find the Steelers' here.

The release of the schedule is probably a strong indication that the NFL and the Union are confident that they will be able to reach an agreement before this lockout causes them to miss any games. But there really isn't any way to know if that is actually true.

We'll be covering the Steelers' schedule in this stream, but for more on the NFL schedule as a whole, head over to the NFL page at SB Nation. And for more on the Steelers, check out our Steelers blog Behind The Steel Curtain.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.