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Hines Ward DUI: Reactions From Around The Web

Here's a survey of some reactions to Steelers receiver Hines Ward's DUI arrest, which came to light Saturday morning. 

Joe Starkey at the Trib notes that DUIs are a "big deal" and notes that this isn't the first time TMZ has broken news about a Steelers star doing (allegedly) something bad in Georgia.

Steelers Depot wonders if the NFL or the Steelers will punish Ward.

At Steelers Lounge, a lawyer explains the legal ramifications of Ward's arrest.

So, with that last caveat it would seem that Hines will likely spend a day in jail (maybe he could ask some Ravens or Bengals players for packing tips) pay some fines, pick up trash or do an infomercial for the state of Georgia then be on his way. The only real concern here is the probation requirement.

For those 12 months he had better be a total boyscout as a probation violation gets you in trouble very fast.

Kyle King at Dawg Sports considers Ward's claim that he's innocent of the charges, and wonders whether Ward's failure of a field sobriety test actually proves Ward was driving drunk.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.