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Hines Ward Arrest: Georgia Police Allowed Ward To Drive Car After DUI Arrest

Now, I'm not a lawyer. But I have to look at a report like this and wonder what exactly really happened with Hines Ward's DUI arrest. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says that Ward claims he only had two drinks, that there was a sober passenger in the car, and, most bizarrely, that police allowed him to drive his car after the arrest.

According to police, a passenger in Ward’s car had not been drinking, and he was allowed to drive the car instead of it being impounded.

Why in the world would police allow Ward to do this? Maybe it's just SOP in Georgia and police procedure there is just completely bizarre. Who knows? But I'd say that, even if folks weren't innocent until proven guilty, there's enough strange stuff going on here that it's probably best to withhold judgment until after we know a little more. Ward, through his agent, has denied that he was driving while impaired by alcohol, and on Friday, he wrote on Facebook that he often texts while he drives. It's at least possible that there could be more to this story than we realize.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.