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Steelers Vs. Redskins: Mike Tomlin Unhappy With First Preseason Game

Here’s Mike Tomlin’s reaction to the Steelers’ 16-7 loss to the Redskins in his team’s first preseason game. Understandably, he doesn’t sound happy.

That was not the kind of performance we were looking for or hoping for tonight. Quite frankly, we got outplayed in just about all areas – blocking, tackling, running, throwing, kicking. That team was better prepared tonight than us, and they showed it.

Tomlin is also asked about any positives from the game, and he specifically mentions wide receiver Antonio Brown, who looks ready to make a lot of noise in his second year. He also says that Cameron Heyward is likely to continue to play in special teams. He minimized Heyward’s performance in the game, however, saying, “He made a play or two, but to be quite honest with you, that’s not the type of performance we’re looking for from all of us.” It sounds like it’ll be a tough week in Steelers practice.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.