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Steelers' Ryan Clark Thinks Players Might Not Ratify CBA

Steelers player representative Ryan Clark thinks NFL players might not approve the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that came into play when the players and owners ended the NFL Lockout. There are details that had not been negotiated when the two sides made a pact, and Clark thinks those details might be enough to put a stop to the whole process today.

"We need some things to be collectively bargained in good faith in totality to get this deal done," Clark said.

... The players agreed to recertify as a union, which they did last weekend, and the owners agreed to come to terms on the final remaining points. Among those yet to be decided is the power of commissioner Roger Goodell to levy punishment under his personal conduct policy, issues regarding concussions and when players can return and who decides that, and whether players who previously had strikes against them under the drug policy start with a clean slate.

I wouldn't worry about this too much just yet, since I'm not sure Clark is the most objective source on this issue. The Steelers have pretty serious issues with anything involving Goodell's authority, due to the fact that Pittsburgh is the team Goodell fines most frequently. Clark has personally expressed concern about that. So I'm sure there's plenty of grumbling in the Steelers' locker room over these unresolved issues. That might not be the case for other teams. I wouldn't expect anything too crazy to happen between the two sides before preseason games start.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.