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Pitt Football Training Camp: Offensive Line Still Work In Progress

Frankly, this isn’t news that I wanted to hear, but the offensive line still seems unsettled. Sure, it’s only the beginning of camp, but it’d be nice if the starters had all of camp to get acclimated to their particular positions and each other.

But Paul Zeise of the PG says that’s not the case:

The offensive line is doing some shuffling again as the coaches are scrambling to find two guards who can play. So far this has been a fruitless exercise but there is a long way to go. The team went into some 11-on-11 stuff late in the practice tonight and this was the starting offensive line left to right — Jordan Gibbs, Chris Jacobson, Ryan Turnley, Cory King, Lucas Nix — and the obvious move is Turnley taking a shot at center. The bottom line is coaches are looking to find the best combination of two guards and a center and so far they are struggling to come up with one. Jacobson could be the center but he right now is so much better than any of the other guards that if Turnley can snap the ball and man the center position at a reasonable level, it would really go a long way towards solidfying things.

It’s true that the first team may all end up on the first team by the time camp is over. But the positions are far from settled. And I’ll venture to say that if someone underperforms and/or Greg Gaskins has trouble as the second-team center, we’re going to see more shuffling.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.