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James Neal, Craig Adams To Play Against Senators

The Trib’s Josh Yohe tweeted that both Craig Adams and James Neal are set to suit up for the Penguins when they take on the Ottawa Senators at the Consol Energy Center tonight.

Reports, mostly originating from Yohe, surfaced on Sunday detailing an apparent knee injury suffered by Adams on Sunday’s practice as well as the announcement that both Neal and Jordan Staal would be out for a number of weeks.

Staal’s status remains unchanged, but apparently Neal plans to play through what was described as a serious malady, one that could seriously hamper his effectiveness on the ice. As for Adams, perhaps the injury looked much worse than it was in all actuality.

Either way, their re-addition to the lineup will act as a serious boost, even if just in a morale sense, for the struggling Penguins.

UPDATE: James Neal's injury is apparently not a break, but a bruise. Initial X-Rays gave the appearance of a broken foot but a further MRI confirmed that it was just a bruise. Playing on it won't worsen the injury, it'll just be incredibly painful.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.