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Pitt Midnight Madness: Coaches, players, fans show their excitement for upcoming season

On a chilly night in Pittsburgh, eager fans gathered to celebrate the start of another Pitt Panther basketball season at Midnight Madness. And even though their season-opener is four weeks away, Pitt's coaches, players, and fans have plenty to be excited about.

Highlights of the night included dunk and 3-point contests, and a recreation of some of Pitt's most famous basketball memories. Junior J.J. Moore won the dunk contest, and then gave the crowd an encore performance, jumping over freshman center Steven Adams and then dunking the ball.

One of the moments they reenacted was Ronald Ramon's 3-point buzzer-beater against West Virginia in 2008. Sophomore guard John Johnson successfully drained Ramon's shot from the same exact spot on the court.

Oh, by the way, coach Jamie Dixon came out dressed as Jackie Moon from Will Ferrell's film, Semi-Pro. Dawning his orange wig and Flint Tropics jersey, Dixon conducted a serious interview with ESPN's Bob Picozzi and Bill Raftery.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.