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Biography of Steelers coach Chuck Noll underway

Michael Heiman - Getty Images

Post-Gazette beat writer Ed Bouchette had an interesting nugget in the paper about a book being written about former Pittsburgh Steelers' head coach Chuck Noll. The fact that a biography about Noll is underway isn't necessarily the big news. Rather, it's that the four-time Super Bowl winning coach isn't all that interested in having a book written about him:

At training camp in 1990 or '91, Chuck Noll and I were discussing a book of some sort when I asked him if he would ever write an autobiography. "Never," he said with conviction. He implied he would never help anyone else write a biography of him, either. Noll retired after the 1991 season, and 21 years later, he has been true to his word. However, it has not stopped another writer from trying. Michael MacCambridge, author of the acclaimed "America's Game" about the NFL in 2004, has been interviewing people for a proposed biography on Noll.

Any biography on Noll is bound to be a big deal -- not only in Pittsburgh, but around the country since Steelers fans can be found everywhere. Beyond that, though, Noll is one of the greatest coaches in NFL history and the only one to win four Super Bowls. Whether or not Noll gives his permission for the book, it's bound to be an interesting read.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.