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David Ross agrees to sign with Red Sox

The Red Sox have signed a player who might have been a Pirates target.

Daniel Shirey

Free-agent catcher David Ross has agreed to terms with the Red Sox on a two-year deal. Ross had previously been with the Atlanta Braves, and it looked like he might stay there, but apparently not.

The Pirates, of course, will be looking for a catcher this offseason to pair with Michael McKenry. (Tony Sanchez is currently slated to be the backup.) Ross, who hits well and has a good defensive reputation, would have been a great choice, but now it appears the Pirates will have to look elsewhere.

Ross spent the last four seasons with the Braves. He briefly played for the Pirates in 2005. The last several years of his career have gone much better than one would have expected, given his journeyman status in the middle of the last decade.

The financial terms of the Red Sox's agreement with Ross haven't yet been released. It's not yet clear whether it would have been smart for the Pirates to commit for two years to a 35-year-old catcher. Either way, though, he's now off the market.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.