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Pirates trade rumors: Dodgers interested in Joel Hanrahan

Could the Pirates send their closer to Los Angeles?

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Buster Olney writes that the Dodgers are still interested in Joel Hanrahan. I say "still" because we've already heard plenty of rumors connecting the teams, with some focusing on the possibility that the Pirates could trade Hanrahan for veteran starting pitcher Chris Capuano.

Nothing about these rumors makes perfect sense, at least not upon close examination. The Dodgers already have a very good closer in Kenley Jansen. (UPDATE: Actually, Brandon League will be their closer after the Dodgers signed him to an expensive contract, which just makes these rumors even stranger.) The Pirates do need rotation help, but one would think they would want to get more for their closer than a 34-year-old innings eater who would likely only be around for one year. Hanrahan probably doesn't have a ton of trade value right now, since he walked a huge number of batters last year and will receive about $7 million in 2013. But if he pitches well in the first half of the season, he could net the Pirates a nice return at the trade deadline. If the Pirates can get Capuano and something else they like, great, but if not, they probably ought to ask the Dodgers for something else.

Via MLB Trade Rumors.

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