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Paul Chryst statement a vague one

With rampant speculation about Pitt head coach Paul Chryst and the now vacant job at Wisconsin, he offered a statement late Friday night:

"I understand the speculation surrounding my name given today’s developments. I am committed to the Pitt football program and the University of Pittsburgh. I am focusing all my time and energy on our team’s bowl game preparation and recruiting a great group of young men to join our program and this outstanding university. We are working hard every day to re-establish this program and I am excited about the future of Pitt football."

Fans will read this statement a million different ways, but the fact is that it doesn't completely dispel rumors of him potentially leaving. The word 'committed' sounds nice and flowery, but there's no comment specifically about not being interested in Wisconsin or any other job for that matter.

It's fair to want to use this statement as a safety blanket if you're a Pitt fan, but the reality is that it's no different than the standard, vague language other coaches have used in the past. And it's certainly no guarantee that Chryst would be the coach for anything longer than an hour and a half.

If the intent was to truly end speculation, something along the lines of "I will not be leaving the University of Pittsburgh for Wisconsin or any other job opening" would have been more appropriate. Until Chryst offers such a statement, speculation will only continue.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.