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NFL Playoff scenarios: What to watch for in AFC picture in Week 14

The Steelers host the Chargers at 1:00 on Sunday in a game they'll really want to win in order to maintain their advantage on the Bengals for the last remaining AFC playoff spot. But the season is far from over, so here's what to watch out for in the AFC this week.

Here are the playoff standings:

1. Texans (11-1)
2. Broncos (10-3)
3. Ravens (9-3)
4. Patriots (9-3)
5. Colts (8-4)
6. Steelers (7-5)

7. Bengals (7-5)

The next-closest teams are the Jets, Bills and Dolphins, all at 5-7; it would take a miracle for those teams to make it.

The Texans, Broncos and Patriots have all clinched playoff spots.

The Bengals host the Cowboys at 1:00 in a game the Bengals will be dying to win. They've already lost to the Ravens and Steelers and have three losses in the AFC North, so winning a tiebreaker will be tough for them. The Bengals and Steelers will play in Pittsburgh December 23.

The Colts will look to strengthen their hold on the top Wild Card spot with a victory over the Titans at 1:00.

The Ravens would clinch the AFC North with a win in Washington (also at 1:00).

Finally, on Monday night, the Texans face the Patriots. Both teams have already clinched playoff berths, but that game will help determine who gets a first-round bye and home-field advantage.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.