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Pirates Vs. Giants: Matt Hague Sent Down

According to multiple sources, Pirates first baseman Matt Hague has been sent to Indianapolis to make room for Charlie Morton.

That probably won’t be a popular move with the Bucco faithful, who won’t want to see the departure of a player nicknamed “The Hit Collector” in a time when the team is struggling to avoid being no-hit.

I’m not sure I really get it, either. It’s a minor move, in that Hague isn’t nearly as good as a lot of fans think and isn’t in the starting lineup, but with two utility infielders still on the roster (Yamaico Navarro and Josh Harrison), you’d think the Pirates would have preferred to send one of them down (hopefully Harrison) and keep an extra hitter. The Pirates, though, have a history of preferring to keep two utility infielders on their roster.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.