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NFL Draft 2012 Reaction: Steelers Pick David DeCastro Is 'Alan Faneca 2.0'

SB Nation's Pittsburgh Steelers blog, Behind The Steel Curtain, reacts to the Steelers' selection of David DeCastro -- or, rather, the pleasantly surprising circumstances that led DeCastro to be available late in the first round.

The Steelers just drafted perhaps the best guard prospect in the last 10 years. He fills the team's greatest need. And the Steelers still have an entire draft to address other needs.

David DeCastro is a Steeler. In the 400 mock drafts we ran on this site, and the 4,000 others we all collectively read, no one predicted he would fall to the point the Steelers could take him at 24.

This is Alan Faneca 2.0. This is a Pro Bowl-level player in his first year. This could not have worked out better for the Steelers.

There were a couple mock drafts that speculated about the possibility of DeCastro being available to the Steelers, but they were of the "What if absolutely everything goes right?" variety. Well, lo and behold, just about everything did go right, and the Steelers got a much better player than expected. If you're a Steelers fan, it's hard not to share BTSC's excitement.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.