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Nike Will Unveil New NFL Jerseys In New York On Tuesday

The Steelers will be getting new jerseys on Tuesday as Nike hosts an unveiling party in New York City.

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The NFL has used Reebok as their official apparel company for the last decade, but their 10-year contract expired at midnight and Nike officially takes over for a five-year run starting on Tuesday. They'll kick off this new partnership by unveiling some new jerseys for all 32 NFL teams at an event in New York City at 11 am on Tuesday. There will be some changes to every team, and some of the teams without much history or tradition could see some drastic alterations. But according to the Trib, don't expect any NFL teams to look like the University of Oregon.

"I think that what we'll see is a subtle homage to the collegiate revolution in uniform design, but in the framework of arguably the most successful sports franchise there is, the NFL, which is more steeped in tradition that the college landscape was when Nike really got into it with Oregon," said Paul Swangard, managing director of the university's Warsaw Sports Marketing Center.

The Steelers likely fall into the category of traditional teams with very famous jersey styles that will receive few or no changes. But Nike will be changing the fabric and feel of every jersey, which means die-hards will still have to run out and get a new one even if the changes aren't drastic.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.