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NHL Standings 2012: Penguins Locked In To Play Philadelphia Flyers In First Round

Both conferences in the NHL have their eight teams that will be in the playoffs at the start of next week. So while the only drama on the final day of the season will be the seeding, that could really shake up the postseason match-ups. Despite that, it won't effect the matchup for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Eastern Conference

1. New York Rangers 51-23-7, 109 points (clinched Atlantic Division and No. 1 seed)

2. Boston Bruins 48-29-4, 100 points (clinched Northeast Division)

3. Florida Panthers 37-26-18, 92 points

4. Pittsburgh Penguins 50-25-6, 106 points

5. Philadelphia Flyers 47-25-9, 103 points

6. New Jersey Devils 47-28-6, 100 points

7. Ottawa Senators 41-30-10, 92 points

8. Washington Capitals 41-32-8, 90 points

Western Conference

1. Vancouver Canucks 50-22-9, 109 points (clinched Northwest Division)

2. St. Louis Blues 48-21-11, 107 points (Two games remaining, clinched Central Division)

3. Los Angeles Kings 40-27-14, 94 points (clinched Pacific Division)

4. Nashville Predators 47-26-8, 102 points

5. Detroit Red Wings 48-28-5, 101 points

6. Chicago Blackhawks 44-26-11, 99 points

7. San Jose Sharks 42-29-10, 94 points

8. Phoenix Coyotes 40-27-13, 93 points (Two games remaining)

The Penguins are locked into the No. 4 seed and will play the Philadelphia Flyers in Round One of the NHL Playoffs. Both teams play each other on April 7 for the sixth time in the regular season. The Flyers have won four of the five games that they have played against Pittsburgh this season.

If the playoff series is anything like the teams' games during the regular season, there could be a lot of goals scored. No game in their series this season has seen less than five total goals.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.