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AC Milan To Play In Pittsburgh August 4

Not much information is available yet, but it looks like there will be a big soccer match in Pittsburgh in early August.

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More news about European soccer teams coming to play over in the United States in the summer months broke on Wednesday as AC Milan announced that it will be playing a game in Pittsburgh on August 4.

This game, according to the team's website, will be a week after it plays another game down in Miami on July 28 against Chelsea. All of this is part of a special tournament the European teams will be participating here in the United States.

We'll play Chelsea on 28 July in Miami - announced Adriano Galliani today - then on 4 August in Pittsburg [sic], we'll play against another team yet to be decided and we'll have a friendly against Real Madrid on 8 August in New York in the marvelous New York Yankee stadium

It has yet to be announced what stadium in Pittsburgh will be used for the game. We will post that information, as well as information about tickets, when it becomes available.

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