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Big 12 Expansion: Notre Dame A Possible Target For Conference

The Big 12 claims that they would like to add Notre Dame.


The conference realignment wheels keep turning, now involving the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Big 12, which has recently added the West Virginia Mountaineers, said that they would possibly expand the conference if they could get Notre Dame to join the conference. This should not be surprising, especially knowing how quickly teams can move around.

Jason Kirk of SB Nation says that its super obvious that that would be floated out there, given what he has heard from other coaches like Les Miles of LSU.

Florida State and Notre Dame rumors are all floating around, and Louisville's just about throwing itself at the conference, and Les Miles has said he expects the SEC's new partner league to expand to 12, and you can't have a conference title game without a dozen members, and so on.

Conference realignment rumors are coming so fast and plentiful these days that its no surprise at all when the next rumor flows down the pike that it gets jumped on rapidly.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.