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Joe Posnanski 'Paterno' Excerpt Chronicles End Of Joe Paterno's Career

GQ just published its excerpt (there were a few paragraphs that came out last week, but this one is substantially longer) of Joe Posnanski's forthcoming book Paterno, his weirdly-timed biography of Penn State's longtime head coach. As Posnanski was writing the book, of course, the story changed dramatically, as the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke and ended Paterno's career, as it became clear that, at best, Paterno didn't do enough to stop Sandusky from using the Penn State football program to sexually abuse young boys.


The excerpt follows Paterno and his family as the scandal broke and it gradually became clear that Paterno would lose his job. There aren't any bombshells in there, but Posnanski is a great writer who got to see a tragedy unfold up close, so it's powerful stuff. There had been rumors that Paterno wasn't the book it could have been, but after checking out this excerpt, I'm pretty excited about it.


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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.