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Video: Dana Holgorsen Calls WVU's 2nd-Half Performance Against James Madison 'Soft'

The West Virginia Mountaineers may have been James Madison handily on Saturday, but head coach Dana Holgorsen wasn't thrilled with WVU's second-half performance. The Mountaineers reeled off 28 points in the first half, but only outscored the Dukes 14-9 in the second. Holgorsen uses the word "soft" over and over to describe his team's third-quarter performance, saying the Dukes "clearly played harder than us." He critiques his team's play at the beginning of the third quarter, when the Mountaineers allowed a couple of big plays that brought the Dukes within a few yards of WVU's end zone, then did the same a few minutes later. West Virginia made stands at the goal line on both occasions, but Holgorsen didn't think they should have been in those positions to begin with.

Check out the video after the jump -- Holgorsen really gets going at around the 13:00 mark.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.