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Temple Vs. Penn State: What To Expect From The Owls?

The Penn State Nittany Lions have beaten their cross-state opponents the Temple Owls in each of the last six seasons dating back to 2006, most of the time handily. Even that doesn't do the one-sided rivalry justice, however, as the Owls haven't won in the last 37 matchups between these two. But with nothing guaranteed for Penn State this season, how will they fare against a team they generally handle?

Black Shoe Diaries hosted Temple blogger Mike Gibson of Temple Football Forever to talk about the matchup of one-win team. Gibson had good things to say about Chris Coyer, the Owls' starting QB:

He's the best Temple quarterback since Adam DiMichele, who originally signed at Penn State. PSU fans never saw the "real" DiMichele since Maybin sacked him and knocked him out for half the season in the 2008 game (second offensive series). DiMichele was a real gutsy QB, but Coyer's almost as gutsy with a better skill set.

Coyer had a fever in the Owls' one loss on the season, but after a bye week is healthier, leading Gibson to predict the Owls break their streak against Penn State:

I thought before the year started Temple would win this game, 17-7. Because of the Navy-PSU game and the Maryland-TU game, I've adjusted that score in the 20-17, 24-21, range. It might come down to the team that has the better placekicker. Brandon McManus is pretty good.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.