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NFL Picks Week 1: Steelers Vs. Broncos

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It took overtime -- and Tim Tebow -- for the Denver Broncos to dispatch the Pittsburgh Steelers in last year's NFL playoffs, so pickers are understandably split about who to go with in Sunday's season opener.

Peyton Manning would seem a step up from Tebow, but the Steelers' defense is healthier this time than when the teams met in January. SB Nation NFL editor Joel Thorman felt the matchup would be a close one when making his Week 1 NFL picks:

In Pittsburgh, the Steelers are installing a new offense, Mike Wallace is rusty and there's the usual question of whether the defense is too old. I'm picking the Broncos, but I can't say I'm all that confident about it.

Score: 13-10

Two of Yahoo!'s three pickers went with Pittsburgh, as did users of the site's pick'em pool. CBS was split 5-3 in Pittsburgh's favor, with the site's prediction algorithm agreeing. But USA Today and ESPN were on the other side, with two-thirds going for the Broncos on each site.

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