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Pitt, Penn State, And West Virginia Have Thus Far Avoided The Agent Scandals

When we first took a look at this story back in July, the SBN Pittsburgh collegiate writers noted that the recent scandals involving agents and improper benefits had not really reached our respective schools. Only Greg Romeus of Pitt was ever mentioned in any connection to the famed South Beach party, and he staunchly denied any improper contact or handouts (Romeus is from Coral Springs, FL, less than an hour from South Beach).


Since then, the initial AgentGate scandal has hit other schools hard, but the three local schools have remained untouched (by AgentGate, at least; no comment is made about any other sort of investigation).


And now, as Josh Luchs' controversial Sports Illustrated story is about the hit the newsstands, there has still been no mention of any Nittany Lion, Panther, or Mountaineer in connection with any agent story. Say what you will about the recent on-the-field problems of our teams; the schools and coaching staffs are running clean programs, something that cannot necessarily be said of other teams and conferences.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.