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Penn State Vs. Lehigh: Under 8

-Battle is down at 9:05. He was toe-tapping on the sideline, lost the ball, and looks like he turned something. He's being taken back to the locker room with two people supporting his weight. Tim Frazier checks in to replace Battle.

-No need for Jeff Brooks to take an intentional foul at this point in the first half. Give them two and move on.

-Lehigh is starting to get some semblance of offense going, but Penn State still seems tense. Missing most shots long.

-Forward Billy Oliver is 1/3 on 3-point field goals. Penn State appears to be putting a conscience effort into getting him some deep shots between this game and the exhibition win over East Stroudsburg.

-Penn State now trails 14-9 with 7:03 remaining.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.