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St. Joseph's Vs. Penn State: Halftime Notes

-After a slow start, the Lions warmed up to a half-baked 38% shooting for the half. Credit that to some more inside shots late and a move away from the arc, when the Nittany Lions are a mind-numbing 1/12.

-Correction from earlier, Penn State is 5/6 from the free throw line.

-Jeff Brooks has been active on both ends of the floor. The senior has six points and five rebounds. Those boards have been important, too, as things are locked up 20-20 there.

-How tough has Penn State been on their defensive end? St. Joe's is shooting 20% (5-25) from the field, and has almost half for its 19 points on free throws (8/9). Not only that, but the Hawks already have 11 turnovers, putting them on pace for 22, kind of a lot.

-If Penn State keeps its offense diversified, and doesn't rely to heavily on the three like it did in the first half, it'll win this thing comfortably.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.