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Fairfield Vs. Penn State First Half Notes: Under 8 Timeout

Taran Bue enters the game coming out of the timeout. He needs to attack the basket tonight. He was 3-4 from inside the paint against St. Joseph's but 0-4 from deep. The freshman is much stronger off the bounce, so he needs to work on that this evening.

Billy Oliver hits another deep shot. It was only a two-pointer, but man, for a forward his jumper looks really good early. We haven't seen much of it because Billy has been hampered by headaches early in his Penn State career, but it looks like he's got some range. Hopefully that means more scoring from him, but also more room for Talor Battle to operate in the paint, as defenses will have to account for Oliver on the outside.

Fairfield has been hit with a couple offensive fouls in this segment. You'd have to think Penn State will start getting hit with those calls at some point, too.

With 7:37 to play in the half, the Lions lead the Stags 19-12

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.