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Fairfield Vs. Penn State First Half Notes: Under 4 Timeout

Cammeron Woodyard getting some minutes in the first half here. He looked brutal the other night, shooting 0-7 from the field including a couple of blocked shots...o and look at that, the junior hits a three as I'm typing that. Woodyard certainly isn't the most talented player on this team, but he's way better than 0-7.  I'm sure he's hoping to use these minutes tonight to get back on track.

Fairfield is starting to look a little confused in their half court offense. The Stags just used most of a clock only to have a guard drive into four Penn State defenders, drawing a charge. That's not good basketball and that's exactly what Ed DeChellis wants them to do. If Fairfield keeps playing like that, it's not going to hang around for very long in this game.

Fairfield is employing a 2-3 defense against Penn State so it's no wonder the Lions have started 5-7 as of now from three point territory. I realize Penn State had a tough game the other night, but man alive, did the Stag coaching staff watch the Michigan State game a couple years ago? Talor Battle can hit a three against a 2-3 zone.

With 3:49 left to play in the half, it's Penn State 24-17

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.