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Furman Vs. Penn State Second Half Notes: Under 16 Timeout

Pirate Garrett Jones will be in the house for Penn State's game against Maryland on Wednesday. The Bucs sent Ross Ohlendorf up here for the Virginia Tech game last year, obviously trying to get some PR off a big Jordan Center crowd. It's always cool to see the Pirate Parrot chilling with the Nittany Lion, though. O, and fun stat: last year, the bird hit more threes in a half time shootout than Ohlendorf, nailing two to Ross's one. Stick with pitching Ross.

The Penn State Athletics people are branding the Maryland game as the "biggest this building has ever seen."  That's debatable. The Terps already have two losses. That said, it isn't often big names from other conferences come to Happy Valley in basketball, so you never know.

Starting five return for Penn State to open the half. Hot shooting from three continues as David Jackson nails a jumper from deep on the Lions' first possession, and Jeff Brooks hits one on their second.

Taran Buie replaces Tim Frazier quickly early here. Frazier has three fouls already.

Brooks gets a nice ovation after diving to save a ball headed out of bounds.  Penn State fans love their hustle plays.

Penn State continues to draw a lot of offensive foul. Those are usually "right place, right time" kind of plays, but Penn State is doing a darn good job of making sure its guys are in the right place frequently.

With 15:30 to go in the half, Penn State leads 49-29.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.