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Maryland Vs. Penn State First Half Notes: Under 16 Timeout

Students have just about filled both endzones. They draw a lot of flak for their attendance at football games, but the alumni/locals are the ones not filling their seats up tonight. Lots or red in both far corners as apparantly a lot of Maryland fans have made the trip to State College. Student crowd is pretty lively this evening. They must be feeling the #MDHateWeek.

Maryland sporting some nifty road blacks tonight.

Talor Battle hits the first bucket of the night, a layup, and-one with the foul on Maryland's Dino Gregory. Following the bucket, Penn State comes out in a press and forces a turnover in transition. Penn State will need to score for a press to be effective, though.

Terrapins miss their first two free throws. At 65% for the season, they're not very good in that department. Look for Penn State to make them earn every bucket.

Gary Williams calls time out. Maryland looks incredibly sloppy early on.

Talor Battle taking a lot of threes early on. He looks like he's in the zone mentally. Gotta calm the nerves a little to make those shots, though.

With 15:09 to play, Penn State leads 7-0.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.