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Maryland Vs. Penn State First Half Notes: Under 12 Timeout

Maryland had six turnovers in the first five minutes of this basketball game. The Terrapins have played some tough teams so far in Pittsburgh and Illinois, but this is their first true road game. Looks like they might be a little overwhelmed without Grevis Vasquez at the helm anymore.

Billy Oliver is first off the bench for Penn State after Maryland hits two free throws.

Penn State is again having trouble with inbounds plays. A lot of just dumping them into the back court to Talor Battle. Not going to score a lot of points that. way.

Terrapins are pressing Penn State quite a bit early here. The Nittany Lions are handling it fairly well, though.

Thunderous dunk by Jeff Brooks gets the crowd into a frenzy.

Penn State is playing solid defense here early, but having trouble getting anything fluid going on offense. Lot's of ring-around-the-arc going on right now.

With 11:38 to play in the half, Lions lead 9-7

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.