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Maryland Vs. Penn State Second Half Notes: Under 12 Timeout

Penn State is getting the rebounds and playing solid defense. The Terrapins are currently on  an under 60 point pace. Unfortunately for the Lions, they're not even on a 50 point pace.

Talor Battle exits with a gimpy ankle at 13:34.

James Padgett replaces Jordan Williams. That'd be a good thing, except both are exploiting Penn State on the interior.

And Tim Frazier throws a chest pass to Ed DeChellis on the punch. Man, it's getting really ugly on offense and Penn State is still, emphasize still in this game down nine.

Talor Battle finally gets something, another and-one going into the TV break. He'll be attempting only Penn State's second free throw when the teams come back.

Battle has 15  of Penn State's 27 points. With Jeff Brooks and David Jackson in foul trouble, absolutely no one is stepping up for the Lions right now.

Penn State trails Maryland 35-27 with 11:45 to play.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.