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Penn State Volleyball Q and A: California Golden Blogs

With Penn State facing Cal in the NCAA Championship game tonight, Cal blogger Avinash from California Golden Blogs offered to do a question and answer session with us over at Black Shoe Diaries about this Golden Bear squad and what to look out for. He does a great job breaking down the team. Here's an excerpt:

2. Who's the player to watch out for?

Tarah Murrey. Her improvement from last year to this year is incredible; she really dedicated herself to become a student of the game, and is now very hard to stop offensively. Her attack percentage is one of the best in the country. When Lloyd sets her up properly, she's unstoppable. When Lloyd doesn't give her the greatest pass, Murrey still can make it look pretty impressive with an array of cross court hits, down-the-line moves, soft touches, back-line kills, etc. She's averaging 5.23 kills per set (3rd in the country) and 5.81 points per set (6th in the country). I honestly think she'll be competing for a National Team spot if she continues her progression.

Her and Lloyd have really set the tone for this team. Lloyd is the leader, but Murrey is the firebrand. Without her offensive efficiency and an underrated defensive game, Cal would not have made it this far.

For more, read the rest of the post here.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.