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Iowa Vs. Penn State First Half Updates: Hawkeyes Take Early Lead

Jeff Brooks come through with a monstrous block into the front row. As good as it looks, though, it'd probably be better if he could knock it down and let one of his teammates pick it up. Iowa scored once it got the ball inbounds. Seems to happen a lot.

Bryce Cartwright has been active early for Iowa. He already has four points and is doing a lot of ball handling.

Penn State's offense, on the other hand, has really stagnated. Not only have the Lions cooled off from the field, they'e giving up possessions without shots. Not good if you're Ed DeChellis.

Billy Oliver is the first player off the bench for Penn State. He replaces David Jackson.

Iowa pushes the lead out to 16-7 and Ed DeChellis calls the first timeout of the game with 11:22 in the half. It's been a pretty quick affair so far. Not a whole lot of whistles.

Coming out of the timeout gets and a basket and-one on a nice drive to the bucket. He'll shoot the free throw when the two teams come back.

With 11:11 to play in the half, Penn State trails Iowa 16-9

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.