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Michigan State Vs. Penn State First Half Updates: Under 8 Timeout

Penn State is out rebounding Michigan State in the early going and has hit the offensive boards well. Michigan State averages close to six more rebounds that Penn State, so the fact that the Lions are able to hold any margin over the Spartans is very good news for them moving forward. Rebounding is key against any team, but especially at the height disadvantage the Lions are against Sparty.

Jeff Brooks added another block for Penn State and has been playing aggressive defense in the early going. He needs to be careful, though, as Penn State has been beaten up badly when he's gotten into foul trouble. The Lions can afford to have him go off the floor if he doesn't have to or the offense risks going stagnant.

Speaking of foul trouble, Jermaine Marshall just picked up his second foul since entering. He'll need to be careful the rest of the way.

With 7:27 to play in the first half, Penn State still leads Michigan State 20-19.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.