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Michigan State Vs. Penn State Second Half Updates: Under 12 Timeout

Penn State continues to maintain its advantage on the boards, no doubt a contributing factor for keeping this game close. The Lions have rebounded fairly well this season, but the Spartains are ranked significantly ahead of them nationally and hold a distinct size advantage. It'll be interesting to see if Penn State can maintain this effort with a short bench and significant foul trouble early in the half here.

The two teams have traded the lead since coming out of the timeout. The Lions went up by as many as four but the Spartans roared back to take the lead.

Jermaine Marshall scores on a nice slash into the lane. He has three points and has been active since he got on the floor.

Andrew Jones is safely in double figures and has been big offensively today. Penn State's scoring distribution has looked a lot better against Purdue and Michigan State. Of course, that won't mean much if the Lions can't pull off a victory here.

With 11:44, Michigan State leads Penn State 49-48.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.