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Penn State Vs. Michigan State Second Half Updates: Under 4 Timeout

Jermaine Marshall just got hit with his fourth foul, but he remains on the floor for Penn State. Ed DeChellis probably wants to ride that horse for all its worth right now.

Both teams suffering from cold shooting in this segment. There have been pretty wide open looks on both ends, but the shots just aren't falling. Looks like this game will be decided at the free throw line. Surprisingly, given how poor Sparty has been shooting from the line today, that's probably good news for Penn State.

Both teams will now be in he double bonus for the final 4:20.

No less that three Penn State coaches standing and shouting commands to the troops right now. Dan Earl, Lewis Preston and DeChellis are all up and hollering.

Jeff Brooks now with four personal fouls. Huge. He's one of Penn State's best free throw shooters.

With 3:41, Penn State leads Michigan State 60-59.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.