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Urban Meyer Offers Additional Comments On Reported Talks With Penn State

It's been almost a week since Sports Rapp Up's Jeff Rapp first reported former Florida coach Urban Meyer met with Penn State administration in September to discuss taking over as head coach for Joe Paterno, and the two-time national champion is still denying any such talks took place.

Meyer offered these comments to the St. Petersburg Times' Greg Auman on the report.

I have to show respect for coaches that have jobs. Most of those programs have coaches. When rumors are out there — last week, a guy hit me with something, "Did you meet with so and so?" Of course not. I don't know how those things get printed, just, "Source says." Who's your source? A guy walking down the street? Those things bother me, but it comes with the job, I guess.

The coach then goes on to talk about the stress he faced while coach at Florida, and how it might deter him from getting back into the coaching arena in the neat future.

This is Meyer's second denial of the talks with Penn State's administration, and athletic director Tim Curley has as well. Of course, that all goes with showing respect for Paterno, too, so the denials should be taken with that grain of salt, but at least for the moment, it looks like Meyer is trying his best to put the issue to bed.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.