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Penn State vs. Northwestern: Wildcats Touchdown Ties Score At 14

Following Penn State's second touchdown of the day, Northwestern gets the ball back and moves it down the field into Penn State's red zone with relative ease. Dan Persa escapes a number of Nittany Lion rushes, and finishes the drive with a 12 yard pass to Kain Coulter for a touchdown. The play is reviewed, but the touchdown call is upheld, as Persa did not pass the line of scrimmage before throwing the ball, and just like that, it's 14-14 with 1:54 remaining in the first quarter.

Northwestern scoring summary: 10 plays, 87 yards, 3:57 time of possession.

The defense is having a spotty game now. On one drive, they just absolutely smothered Persa and the Wildcats. One two others, the unit lets Northwestern march down the field for scores without a whole lot of trouble. The Penn State offense can't be expected to score at the rate it is now all night. The defense needs to step up.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.