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BCS Bowl Projections: LSU Vs. Alabama In Title Game; Who Will Represent Big Ten?

Samuel Chi posts his BCS bowl projections for He thinks the BCS Championship will pit LSU and Alabama in a rematch of their game next week.


He also thinks Wisconsin will be headed to the Rose Bowl, as the Big Ten champ, to face off against Oregon. The Badgers, of course, just lost to Michigan State. The Spartans and the Penn State Nittany Lions are both undefeated in conference play, although of course it's certainly possible that the Badgers could wind up on top in the end. Penn State hasn't faced any of the really tough Big Ten teams so far.


The Big East's representative, Chi says, will be Syracuse, facing off against Clemson in the Orange Bowl. That's possible, although Syracuse has already lost to Rutgers and is only 1-1 in the Big East despite beating West Virginia last week. Right now Cincinnati, which is the only team that's undefeated in conference play, is in the driver's seat.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.