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Penn State vs. Iowa: Matt McGloin Enters, Penn State Leads 6-3

Matt McGloin is out on the field for Penn State's second drive of the afternoon. That's the quickest hook Rob Bolden has gotten all season. Looks like the coaching staff has decided it wants to rotate McGloin in more than in past games.

On his first two sets of downs, McGloin picks up first downs with some nice out pattern throws to the sideline.

Silas Redd is running hard in the early going today. The Hawkeyes just had him wrapped up twice on a first down run, and he squirted away from them before finally getting stopped. Nifty.

McGloin hits Derek Moye for a big 23-yard pass down to the Iowa 23 and Penn State is threatening again. It wasn't the best pass, but things look far more efficient on this drive, however, with McGloin in the game.

After the Lions take an illegal procedure penalty, McGloin hits Joe Suhey for 21 yards down to the Iowa 7-yardline, but the drive stalls after a couple of incompletions, and Anthony Fera is forced to come on again for a 20-yard field goal attempt. He converts, and Penn State leads 6-3 with 4:59 to play in the half.

Penn State scoring summary: 12 plays, 81 yards, 5:48 time of possession.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.