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Penn State Protest: Students Reportedly Flip News Truck

So much for the protests in State College being peaceful. Multiple reports on Twitter, including one from Sports Illustrated’s David Epstein, indicate that Penn State students have “flipped a satellite news truck.” Yuck. SB Nation’s Ben Jones has that, too. This is exactly the sort of thing that gives college students a bad name, and Penn State doesn’t really need more of this, given that the students are 100 percent wrong in this case, agitating for a man (Joe Paterno) who, though probably not a bad person, allowed an alleged child rapist to stay close to his football program, and did not report the rapist to the police.

Elsewhere it appears that even Paterno himself has had enough of the protesters, yelling at them to keep their distance from his house.

It appears the protest may get worse as the night goes on, as Jones reports there’s a fire at Old Main.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.