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Tom Corbett Press Conference: Governor Advocates Unity At Penn State

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett stopped by Penn State to give a press conference after everything that’s happened in State College in the past few days. He didn’t have a lot of specifics to offer, and instead made a broad call for unity, asking students and alums to think of the victims of the child abuse that allegedly occurred within PSU’s football program, but to keep their heads high and move forward.

He said Penn State students and alumni could still be proud of their school. “I believe this institution has produced hundreds of thousands of excellent graduates,” he said. “That’s not a failure.”

“Come together,” Corbett repeatedly said, while mentioning the blue-out in Saturday’s game against Nebraska as a good example. “Show solidarity with the victims” rather than turning to violence, he said. He called rioting students “knuckleheads.”

There isn’t much news here, it seems, but when the governor stops by to deal with an issue of this magnitude, it’s certainly worth mentioning.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.