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Jerry Sandusky Recruiting Story Gets Complicated

The story of Jerry Sandusky potentially having recruited for Penn State last year certainly has taken some strange turns, which John Taylor chronicles here. A South Carolina high school linebacker named Adam Ah Ching claimed that Sandusky visited him at a spring game this year. Ah Ching’s coach, though, says that he is unaware of anyone from Penn State visiting his team’s spring games, and his high school Athletic Director also says Sandusky never visited.

However, the Associated Press reports that Sandusky came to a camp for Polynesian players this summer that Ah Ching attended, and encouraged all the players there to come to Penn State. So it does appear to be the case that Sandusky represented and advocated for Penn State to potential recruits. What’s less clear is what, exactly, happened in Ah Ching’s case. It’s also unclear, at this point, what role, if any, the university had in Sandusky’s recruiting efforts, if there were any. In the absence of further evidence, it’s probably best to just forget it right now.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.