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Penn State vs. Radford: Jonathan Graham Leads Scoring

Jonathan Graham is already on the scoresheet with seven points after failing to score from the field in the opener against Hartford. He's coming off the bench tonight, once again as Pat Chambers' first forward off the bench.

Billy Oliver has been chucking from the perimeter here in the early going, but he has yet to hit. He's 0-4 thus far, but the 3-ball is part of his game, so expect him to keep shooting.

One thing we're not seeing a lot of tonight that we saw on Saturday and in Penn State's exhibition win against Slippery Rock is a large volume of offensive rebounds. Penn State has grabbed just four to this point in the game after racking up 14 against the Hawks on Saturday.

A 14-0 run has Penn State in command now, however. The Nittany Lions lead 19-11 with 7:26 to play in the first half. We'll see if they can keep the momentum going.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.