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Penn State vs. Ohio State: Tom Bradley Working With Offense

Penn State interim head coach Tom Bradley told reporters at his weekly press conference on Tuesday that he hasn't coached on the offensive side of the ball since 1983 when he coached the Nittany Lions' wide receivers under Joe Paterno.

In his new role as interim head coach, however, Bradley said he's trying to familiarize himself with his team's offensive personnel as the Lions prepare to take on Ohio State in Columbus this weekend.

"I wanted to get around the players," Bradley said. "I wanted the offensive players to get to know me. I was going to try and figure out some of their personalities so that they can come to me, talk to me."

Bradley has been Penn State's defensive coordinator since 2000 and was a long time defensive coach before that, and acknowledges he simply doesn't have the same relationship with the team's offensive players that he does with the defensive players.

He was quick to point out, however, that in his quest to fit in on the offensive side, he doesn't plan to tinker with things too much.

"How much I interject on offense? To be honest with you, I've got to really study it a lot more than I've done," Bradley said. "Right now, I basically wanted to go over there and get a feel, and now today, I'll go back and forth from the offense to the defense and also with the special teams."

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.